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Since 2018 we have worked with our collaborators to create content that broadens the scope of what it means to be human through film. Our projects are designed to impact culture and transform the way people think not only about themselves, but the world around them. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the projects that are streaming and coming down the pipe within the next year. We are actively seeking production partners and financiers who want to create great cinema.

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Bubbly Brown Sugar


Bubbly Brown Sugar tells the story of two soulmates meeting in their dreams and their journey to each other in real life. The first season consists of 9 episodes and is now streaming on YouTube and the team is in the process of finalizing a wide distribution deal to take the project to a wide audience. Production for season two is slated for 2021.

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Our Love

Short Film
Post Production

Our Love is a short film that was written by Tamala Baldwin and directed by LaVarro Jones. It tells the story of a once happily married couple whose bond has been broken by the unimaginable. After months and months of trying to move on, they decide to throw a dinner party with their closest friends. Is it enough to rekindle their spark or is it simply delaying the inevitable?

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Fade is a feature length SYFY movie written and directed by LaVarro Jones set to go into production in 2021-2022 after the release of the short film version. Logline: When Myles inherits a watch that gives him the power to teleport, he begins to discover the mystery behind his father’s untimely death.

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In Development

The wonderful thing about independent filmmaking is the freedom that writers and directors are allowed to explore while breathing life into their stories. As such, we are able to create other worlds that excite the imagination and we invite you for the ride. We are constantly writing stories and as such, we are always looking for strategic partners, collaborators and financiers interested in invested in our work.

Tribe: Episodic Series


After an (accidental) overdose, a mega popstar is brought back to life to save other souls from hell with the help of her demon kicking spirit guides to avoid being condemned there herself.


Goddess School: Working Title


Using only her newly inherited goddess abilities, Zola must prematurely return to earth to save the planet from the powerful dark gods hell bent on destroying civilization.


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